So you don’t like your hubby’s friends huh

There are so many reasons why a wife may not like or approve of her husband’s friends.  Most of the time is seems so difficult to separate these friendships because they have probably developed before you were married.  Close friendships usually develop in childhood, high school, or college.  These are usually the people that were in your wedding or at least they were present at the ceremony.  They heard you take your vows.  Because of that I guess you thought they would step back and let you live your married life.  Well it doesn’t always happen that way.

Fussing at your husband about his friends may push him closer to them.  Your husband my feel that you are acting like a Mom and not his loving Wife.  My aim today is to show you a different approach.  This approach exercises your gift as his Wife; and with consistency and perseverance it can produce your desired results.

When someone says “just pray about it” we cringe, as if prayer is not enough.  While I would never cringe at just prayer, I do agree that prayer works in conjunction with your actions.

Your Pray: Lord help my husband to discover who he is in you.  I pray that he would walk worthy of the calling with which he was called.  Help him not to be complacent or stroll off on wrong paths that lead nowhere.  Help him to walk in his calling with humility and discipline.  Help him to be sure, steady and consistent in seeking your will for his life.  May he pour out of himself acts of love and kindness for you first God, and then for me, his wife.  Help him to be alert at noticing differences and quick to keep peace.  Give him a renewed desire to want to grow stronger and be more of who you desire him to be.  Help me to be sensitive to praise him in every good thing; and patient to endure the things that would cause discord.  Help us to build a better connection and friendship with each other.  Place people in our lives that only have intentions of supporting our union.  Shield and protect him from people that try to give him a glimpse of what an alternative life would offer. Give us friends of a like mind, and a like heart; a heart and mind that seeks you and your desires.  Help us to cultivate a healthy relationship.  May our friends be trustworthy and have Godly wisdom.  I come against any demonic force that would seek to destroy my husband’s life and our marriage.   I lose clarity to his mind; Peace in his heart, and security to his emotions.  In Jesus Name. Amen.

You can add whatever else applies to your situations.  Matthew 7:7-8; Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.  I would also encourage you to put his name in this prayer.  This is not a generic prayer.  This is a customize prayer. Be specific. 

Your Actions: Be loving! With love and kindness you were drawn to Christ, with that same love (unconditional love) and kindness you can draw your husband.   Be kind.  Be supportive.  God is the doctor you are the nurse.  You have to let God perform the change, your job is to nurture.  Show your husband through example and not so many words.  Proverbs 21:9,- it is better to live on the corner of a roof than to share a house with a nagging wife. Be trusting. (remember you just prayed and you have to trust God to complete the work.)   Help your husband discover what he is good at independent of his relationships.  Praise him in his efforts.  Let him know you appreciate what he does.  If he cooks well, brag about it.  If he sings well, tell him to write you a love song, if he’s a tool man, break something on purpose (lol).  This will make him do it more.  Create an environment that makes him feel like he is King of his Castle.  Through your support and encouragement, he may find a hidden talent.    Suggest a class or trade that will help push him towards his natural talent.  Do all of this without mentioning his friends.  Meanwhile God is working on his inside because of your prayers.  Your roll should be one that encourages in other areas instead of focusing on the negative.

It works if you work it!


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