PRE- Marital Sessions

True love never ends and it begins with thoughtful preparation.

Amazing Love uses Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) assessment by Dr.’s Les and Leslie Parrott. This comprehensive guide starts by walking the two of you through your personal history and highlights the areas that will make you a candidate to become a lifelong spouse. Every aspect of the assessment is grounded in multiple studies to ensure the results are both personalized and accurate according to your candid responses. Upon completion of the assessment, I will walk you through the results making certain that you two have the proper tools to usher you into this life long commitment. You need this assessment more than you need a big expensive wedding. Click below to register and let’s get started with building your forever.
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Marriage Intensive Care Unit- MICU

In most cases, even after the worse diagnosis, surgeons, doctors, and medical facilities devise a strategy for sick patients to survive.  Placing these patients in ICU requires around the clock care.  You need someone to help take your pulse and other key vital signs to ensure a healthy progression.  Maybe your marriage is in need of ICU.  People, events, and circumstances will pressure you into divorce.  However Amazing Love has designed an intense 6-week course to help you walk into a healthy place.  About 15 years ago JJ and Trina were faced with divorce. Against the suggestion of friends and grave circumstances, they decided to let the word of God incubate their hearts and put the pieces of the marriage back together.  If your marriage is in critical condition you need this 6-week online course.  These modules are designed to position you for a faith fight.

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