How much of your marital advice is coming from friends, particularly unmarried friends?  How many people know or give their opinion about your marital business? If we are honest with ourselves at one time or another in our lives, we may have been guilty of letting too much of our marital business get out through our own mouths.  That has invited a lot of opinions and advice.  Marriage is a sacred covenant.  It should never be taken lightly. When you have questions about how to, if you should, or what to do with your marriage it is as sensitive as open-heart surgery.  You must remember two people have become one flesh in the eyes of God and some issues even in the eyes of the law. Would you allow a friend to perform or aid in performing open-heart surgery if they are not even a nurse, much less a surgeon?  The situation is just that critical.  It doesn’t matter how big or small the issue it can be life-threatening to operate or make a move without the advice of someone well suited and equipped to handle the sensitivity of the matter. In a search for answers, I have been guilty of inviting opinions. I basically ended up being more confused than when I started.  What I have found is that not everyone is speaking from experience.  I always find it captivating how many people, without using the word and giving Godly reference, have advice about something they have never faced.  Most times (especially women) speak from emotion, and often the advice may be coming from someone who really loves you and wants what they feel is the best for you.  Or what about the notorious, “if I were you I would….”.  Be very cautious of all advice but especially the “if I were you,” type.  I firmly believe you really don’t know how you would handle a situation until that time comes. It’s easy to plan and prepare mentally for something, but until that moment happens, it’s all a question of what will you really do? Psalms 1 says, blessed is the man who walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.  There are also people who claim to be Godly but are not always giving Godly counsel. That’s why with all counsel you have to get to know God and what he says about your marriage. Get to know what His perfect will is for marriage.  Understand that there is nothing impossible for God.  As a matter of fact, he specializes in things that seem impossible. Remember the famous acronym WWJD?  Everyone wore the silicone bracelets with the acronym to keep you reminded throughout the day to consider in all situations what would Jesus do?  We should go back to this.  Especially when it comes to your marriage. Is it possible if we considered WWJD there would be less divorce and separation?  Try surrounding yourself with people who are sprit led, spirit fed, married, and wants your marriage as well as theirs to survive; and always consider WWJD!

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