Beat the Boredom

    Here are some neat and fun ideas to get you through the week! Tired of just coming home from work, eating dinner, and turning on the TV until you fall asleep? Consider some of these fun activities to avoid a mundane marriage: Impromptu Couples photoshoot- professional shoot or grab your cell phone, dress up

Time to Grow!

  Talking about growth in the season of fall may be strange.  Historically Fall or Autumn is known as the time where dead leaves fall off the trees; hence we usually coin this transition with themes that suggest the purging of old things in your life.  True to these themes, your marriage could probably stand

What about his friends

So you don’t like your hubby’s friends huh There are so many reasons why a wife may not like or approve of her husband’s friends.  Most of the time is seems so difficult to separate these friendships because they have probably developed before you were married.  Close friendships usually develop in childhood, high school, or

Everyone is giving their two cents…..

How much of your marital advice is coming from friends, particularly unmarried friends?  How many people know or give their opinion about your marital business? If we are honest with ourselves at one time or another in our lives, we may have been guilty of letting too much of our marital business get out through